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Collar (Guide Ring), Flipper Coil Plunger (Bally):

Price: $2.50 each

Status: Temporarily out- please check back...  more info...
Part #: C-342
Condition: New
Nylon collar, or guide ring, that goes on the end of the flipper coil plunger # S-496-167 as used in Bally electro-mechanical (EM) games from early 1960s through early 1975 (Flicker). This collar fits in the groove on the back end of the coil plunger used in these games, and helps keep the plunger centered in the coil sleeve. Measures approx. 7/16-inch outer diameter, 5/16-inch wide. If your coil plunger seems too small and is sloppy inside the coil sleeve, it may be missing this collar.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: 2 in 1, 3-in-Line (1963), 4 Queens, 50/50, Aces High, Alligator, Amigo, Bali-Hi, Bally Hoo (1969), Band Wagon, Bazaar, Beauty Queens, Big Day, Big Show, Big Valley, Blue Ribbon (1965), Bon Voyage, Bongo, Boomerang, Boot-A-Ball, Bounty, Bowl-O, Bull's Eye (1965), Bullfight, Bus Stop, Camelot, Campus Queen, Capersville, Champ, Circus, Cosmint, Cosmos, Cross Country, Cue-Tease, Delta Queen, Discotek, Dixieland, Dogies, Double-Up, El Toro, Expressway, Fireball, Firecracker, Flicker (1975), Fore, Four Million B.C., Galahad, Gator, Gold Rush (1966), Grand Tour, Happy Tour, Harvest, Hay Ride, Heat Wave, Hi-Lo Ace, Hootenanny, Joker, Joust, King Rex, King Tut, Little Joe, Loop-the-Loop, Mad World, Magic Circle, Mariner, MiniZag, Monkey Bash, Monte Carlo (1963), Monte Carlo (1973), Moon Shot, Nip-It, Odds & Evens, On Beam, Op-Pop-Pop, Red Max, Ro Go, Rock Makers, Rocket III, Round Up, Safari, See Saw, Sheba, Sky Kings, Skyrocket, Six Shooter, Six Sticks, Sky Divers, Space Time, Star Jet, Surfers, Ten Pin, Time Tunnel, Time Zone, Trail Drive, Trio, Twin Win, Vampire, Wiggler, Wild Wheels, Zip-A-Doo

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