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Relay Snubber Board Assy, 24 Volt:

Price: $39.95 each

Status: Discontinued (listed for reference only)  more info...
Part #: C-11232R
Condition: New
Relay board for controlling coils (A/C select relay), motors, and/or general illumination lights, as used in many Bally and Williams games in late 1980s and early 1990s. 24-volt relay. New aftermarket replacement for original obsolete factory part.

This new aftermarket replacement includes all modern components and new circuit board (mounting standoffs not included- re-use your originals).

Replaces Bally / Williams # 5580-09555-01 (relay) and relay with board assembly # C-11232, C-11232-1, and C-11232-2. Also replaces obsolete Data East #s 520-5009-00, and 520-5010-00, used in some Data East, Sega, and later-model Stern Pinball games.

Interchangeability Note: The C-11232R board is the same as the original C-11232 board. Both are also the same as the C-11232-1, but C-11232R and C-11232 have 3 additional electronic components installed on the board- specifically, C1 capacitor, R1 resistor, and D2 diode. C-11232/R will work in place of C-11232-1 in most applications, but if any operational problems are present with using a C-11232/R in place of a C-11232-1, the 3 extra parts can be removed from the C-11232/R board to make it functionally identical to a C-11232-1.

NOTE: No returns on Electronics - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    SEGA: Apollo 13, Goldeneye, Harley Davidson, Lost in Space, Star Wars Trilogy, Twister, Viper Night Drivin'

    STERN: Austin Powers, Harley Davidson, NFL (all teams), Playboy, Sharkey's Shootout, Striker Xtreme

    WILLIAMS: F-14 Tomcat, High Speed, PinBot, Road Kings, more

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