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Nylon Tip, Slingshot Bumper Kicker Arm - White:

Price: $3.99 each

Status: Temporarily out- please check back...  more info...
Part #: C-1062
Condition: New
White nylon tip that goes on the slingshot bumper kicker arm. As used on electro-mechanical (EM) and early electronic solid-state (SS) Bally games. Commonly broken or missing part on many older used games. Replaces Wico # 01-095800.

This tip is held in place by roll pin # P-1637-58 (sold separately). As an alternative to a roll pin, you can use a #2-56 nut and screw to secure.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Black Jack, Eight Ball, Evel Knievel, Lost World, Mata Hari, Night Rider, Paragon, Power Play, Silverball Mania, Space Invaders, Strikes and Spares, Supersonic, Voltan, more

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