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Ball Return Assembly (Williams):

Price: $81.31 each

Status: In Stock
(1 Available)



Part #: B-8039
Condition: New
Outhole kicker assembly as used on many early electronic solid-state (SS) Williams games. Kicks ball from outhole up ramp and into trough, or into shooter lane. Also replaces Data East # 500-5082-00.

Ships with SG-23-850-DC coil. Alternate coil can be substituted upon request.

Includes the following parts:

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: Alien Poker, Barracora, Black Knight, Blackout, Comet, Cosmic Gunfight, Disco Fever, Firepower, Firepower II, Flash, Gorgar, Hot Tip (electronic), Jungle Lord, Lucky Seven (electronic), Pharaoh, Phoenix (1978), Solar Fire, Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, Time Warp, Tri Zone, World Cup

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