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Connector Housing, 2-Position IDC - 0.156 Inch Spacing:

Price: $1.92 each

Status: In Stock


Part #: A31664-2
Condition: New
Connector housing, 0.156-inch spacing, IDC type (Insulation Displacement Connector). IDC housings have built-in pins, and wires are pressed or "staked" into the back of the housing to secure. These connectors accomodate wires in the range of 16-22 AWG (ie: most all common pinball and video game applications). Replaces Bally/Williams # 5792-10817-02.

Locking Ramp: IDC connector housings come with "locking ramp" tabs molded in, which will "lock" into place on corresponding header pin units that have "friction lock" backing. Housings with locking ramp can also be used with header pin units that have no backing for locking ramps, and vice-versa.

Polarizing Keys (Pins): Most connector headers & housings will have one pin that is "blank", which is the "key". This prevents connectors from being installed in the wrong place or direction. New polarizing keys are available separately for some sizes of IDC housings.

Image is sample only- actual size/color of item may vary. Sold individually.

NOTE: No returns on Electronics - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Attack From Mars, Black Rose, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Corvette, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dr. Dude, Doctor Who, Indianapolis 500, Judge Dredd, NBA Fastbreak, Radical!, Shadow, Twilight Zone, WhoDunnit, World Cup Soccer '94

    MIDWAY: Hot Shot basketball

    WILLIAMS: Congo, Demolition Man, Dirty Harry, Dracula, Fish Tales, Flintstones, Funhouse, Hurricane, Indiana Jones, JackBot, Machine: Bride of PinBot, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Riverboat Gambler, Road Show, Slugfest, Star Wars: Episode 1

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