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Slingshot Bumper Kicker Arm & Tip Assembly (Early Games):


Status: Out of Stock - Discontinued  more info...
Part #: A-7986
Condition: New
Slingshot bumper kicker arm with white nylon tip. Commonly worn or broken part on many used games. Has long linkage pin which is used to activate scoring leaf switch in older electro-mechanical (EM) and early/mid electronic solid-state (SS) games. Can also be used in later games without scoring switch (part # A-12664.

Need just the nylon tip? Order part # 03-7501.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: A-Go-Go, Aztec, Barracora, Big Chief, Big Deal (1977), Black Knight, Blackout, Contact, Cosmic Gunfight, Derby Day, Disco Fever, Firepower, Flash, Gay 90's, Gorgar, Grand Prix, Hot Tip, Jolly Roger, Jungle Lord, Laser Ball, Little Chief, Lucky Seven, Pharaoh, Phoenix, PinBot, Pokerino, Solar Fire, Sorcerer, Stellar Wars, Time Warp, World Cup, more

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