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Switch Stack Assembly, Pop Bumper Dual Contact (Williams):


Status: Out of Stock (currently unavailable)  more info...
Part #: A-7459-7
Condition: New
OBSOLETE - Use # SW-11A-35 switch stack for replacement in your old assembly.

Dual contact switch stack assembly used in early Williams solid-state games for pop bumpers. Can also be used in some other makes/models that use this same style switch.

Includes low current/voltage contact tips under plastic actuator spoon. First set are actuator contacts- tell the game when bumper has been hit. Second set of contacts is used for scoring (awards points).

Includes mounting bracket and hardware (screws, nuts, nut plate), and 2 tie point contacts for connecting capacitors, resistors, diodes, as your game may require (electronic components not included- re-use old components or purchase new ones separately).

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: High Speed, PinBot, Road Kings, more

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