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Standup Target- Round, White:

Price: $8.99 each

Status: In Stock
 (10 Available)



Part #: A-14691-5
Condition: New
Replacement round white standup (stationary) target. Used on late-model Bally and Williams games but can be used on older models and other makes/models as well. Includes mounting bracket and switch diode, as pictured. Front-mount target- mounting bracket is on front of target. Also replaces Bally # ASE-2911-20, and Bally/Williams #s 03-8093-5, A-11696-5, A-17799-5, A-18605-5, D-11583-4. Target face is 1-inch diameter.

Requires two screws for mounting (not included- use our part # HWR02-030606). Wires must be connected with correct polarity- if installing in a late-model Bally or Williams game, green wire(s) will go to empty solder lug, and white wire(s) will connect to solder lug with diodes anode (non-banded) end.

NOTE: This is a modern Bally/Williams style replacement target. Target may sit slightly lower (about 3/32-inch (2mm)) when used on older games like High Speed, Firepower, Space Shuttle, etc. If replacing targets on older games, you might consider replacing all targets in the bank at the same time, to retain uniform alignment.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: WhoDunnit, more

    WILLIAMS: Earthshaker, Getaway, Terminator 2, more

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