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Lord of the Rings (Stern) Multiball Lock Upgrade Bracket:


Status: Out of Stock - Discontinued  more info...
Part #: 535-9406-00
Condition: New
Discontinued - replaced by kit # 502-5021-80.

Cover bracket that mounts on the sword ramp on Stern Lord of the Rings pinball and helps keep locked balls in place and from falling/flying off the ramp. Early production games did not come with this part installed- it was offered as an upgrade later on, and later-production games included it from the factory. If your game is missing this part and will not keep balls on the sword ramp, you need this upgrade part!

Easily attaches to ramp using 2 existing screws at the right of the ball lock switches.

Additional Images:

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    Used In The Following Games:
    STERN: Lord of the Rings

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