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Coil Bracket & Stop Assembly:

Price: $7.95 each

Status: In Stock
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Part #: 515-5939-00
Condition: New
Common coil mounting bracket with built-in coil stop. Used for pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, and some other devices on many makes and models of games, old and new. Holds coil and other hardware.

Used as pop bumper bracket (and possible other devices) on the following games:
  • Sega (1994-1998)
  • Stern Pinball (1998-up)
  • Williams
  • Bally late 1969 to early 1981 (see note below)
  • Bally 1992 & up (see note below)
BALLY NOTE: This part will fit pop bumpers on Bally games made between late 1969 and early 1981, and games made from 1992 and up. It will not fit pop bumpers on Bally games made between these time periods, or games made under the Bally/Midway name. If your Bally game uses a plastic pop bumper base (part # 03-8324-5) then this part will not fit.

WILL NOT FIT OR WORK ON Gottlieb / Premier games, older vintage Stern games (1977-1985), Bally & Bally/Midway games that use plastic bumper base (mid 1980s).

Replaces Bally #s A-613-88, A-613-114, Bally/Williams #s 04-10888, B-6823, B-7417, Sega and new Stern # 515-5939-00, and possible others. Used in Bally coil/bracket assembly #s AS-2587, AS-2587-4.

Not sure if this part will fit your game? Just e-mail us.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: 4 Queens, Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Air Aces, Aladdin's Castle, Amigo, Attack From Mars, Bali-Hi, Big Show, Big Valley, Black Jack (electronic), Bon Voyage, Boomerang, Bow and Arrow, Bowl-O, Cactus Canyon, Camelot, Capt. Fantastic, Captain Fantastic (home model), Champ, Circus (1973) (Bally), Cirqus Voltaire, Corvette, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Delta Queen, Doctor Who, Dolly Parton, Double-Up, Eight Ball, El Toro, Evel Knievel (electro-mechanical), Evel Knievel (electronic), Expressway, Fireball, Fireball (home model), Firecracker (Bally), Flash Gordon, Flicker (1975) (Bally), Flip Flop!, Fore, Four Million B.C., Freedom, Frontier, Future Spa, Galahad, Galaxy Ranger, Hang Glider, Harlem Globetrotters, Hi-Lo Ace, Hi Deal, Hokus Pokus, Hotdoggin', Indianapolis 500, Kick Off, King Rex, King Tut, KISS (Bally), Knockout, Little Joe, Lost World, Mariner, Mata Hari (electro-mechanical), Mata Hari (electronic), Monte Carlo (1973) (Bally), Mystic, NBA Fastbreak, Night Rider (electro-mechanical), Night Rider (electronic), Nip-It, Nitro Ground Shaker, Odds & Evens, Old Chicago, Paragon, Playboy (Bally), Popeye Saves the Earth, Power Play, Quarterback, Radical!, Red Max, Revenge From Mars, RoGo, Rolling Stones (Bally), Round Up, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Sea Ray, See Saw (Bally), Silverball Mania, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateball, Sky Kings, Skyrocket, Slap Stick, Space Invaders, Space Time, Star Trek (Bally), Strikes and Spares, Supersonic, Theatre of Magic, Time Tunnel, Time Zone, Trail Drive, Twilight Zone, Twin Win, Vampire, Viking (Bally), Voltan, WhoDunnit, Wizard!, World Cup Soccer '94, Xenon, Zip-A-Doo

    WILLIAMS: Congo, Demolition Man, Dirty Harry, Dracula (Williams), Fish Tales, Flintstones, Funhouse, Getaway High Speed II, Hurricane, Indiana Jones (Williams), JackBot, Johnny Mnemonic, Machine: Bride of PinBot, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, No Good Gofers, Riverboat Gambler, Road Show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars: Episode 1, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Terminator 2, White Water

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