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Coil - 090-5022-02 (23-700):

Price: $15.39 each

Status: In Stock
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Part #: 090-5022-02
Condition: New
General-purpose coil (solenoid) used in some Data East, Sega, and late-model Stern Pinball games. 23-gauge wire with 700 turns, 3.1 ohms resistance. Measures 1-5/8 inches length without coil sleeve installed.

Includes coil sleeve and diode across top (front) of solder lugs. Also replaces 090-5022-00, 090-5022-0T, 090-5022-00T.

May replace shorter Gottlieb # A-1496 if your Gottlieb mechanism will allow for some adjustment to accommodate this slightly longer coil (A-1496 is 1-1/2 inch, 090-5022-02 is 1-5/8 inch). Direction of coil diode (or coil wiring) must be reversed if being used in a Gottlieb game.

NOTE: No returns on Coils & Coil Parts - all sales final.

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