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Drop Target Reset Plate, 2/3-Bank Drop Targets - Later Design (Williams):

Price: $5.50 each

Status: In Stock
 (10 Available)



Part #: 01-7036
Condition: New
Updated later design. Used on 2- and 3-bank drop target units in older Williams games (late electro-mechanical and early solid-state) including Black Knight, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, Warlok and others. Used on drop target assembly #s D-8442, D-9355, and D-10883. This part is the updated version of the original 01-7036 shown below for reference (older design part no longer available).

Old design (obsolete):

This part was redesigned by Williams (same part #) due to a problem with the early design twisting and slipping past drop targets occasionally. New design features a different shape that fits around the backing plate and won't twist or slip past targets like the old design did.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: Black Knight, Blackout, Flash, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, PinBot, Sorcerer, Warlok

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