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Ordering & Contact Information

Information on this page is for the ordering and shipping of parts and supplies only.

For information on purchasing and shipping Pinball Machines or other games & equipment, please see our Game Sales Info page.
Page Contents:

Ordering Information: Contact Information:

How to Order

You can order online through our website, place an order by phone, or send your order and payment by mail. Details on each ordering method are below.

- Order Online:
Browse the different sections of our website via the links on our Home Page or the "Quick Links" along the top left of any page. Or use the search bar at the top of any page to search by game name, keyword, part number, etc.

To order an item, click where you see the Add to Cart button, or "Add to Cart" link, to add items to your online shopping cart.

Once you're done, click the View Cart or Checkout button at the top of any window to review the items in your shopping cart to make sure your order is accurate. You can change quantities of items or remove items in your cart if needed.

Use the "check out" button in your shopping cart window to finish your order and make online payment. Shipping & handling charges are calculated and displayed during the check out process.

Our website uses PayPal for online payment processing. For payment, we accept PayPal funds, all major credit/debit cards, and eCheck payments- all through the secure PayPal service.

- Order By Phone:

Call us at 801-272-0221 to place your order over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and PayPal payments by phone.

NOTE: We're not always in the shop to take phone orders, so if you are unable to reach us, please try again later, and be sure to see our business hours listed below for more details.

- Order By Mail:

Call or e-mail us first with details of your order, and your shipping address.

We will need this information to determine size and weight of your order, and to calculate shipping/handling costs to ship the order to you.

Shipping/handling costs will vary depending on size/weight of the shipment, and your location.

We will give you a quote including item total and shipping/handling charges. You can then mail in your order with payment.

Please note that some types of mail-order payments may need to clear bank or issuing institution before your order can be shipped. See our Payment Methods section below for more details.

  • Please include with your mail order:
    1. A note indicating what you are ordering.
    2. Your name.
    3. Your shipping address.
    4. Your phone number and/or e-mail address.
    5. Your payment (checks/money orders can be made out to "Action Pinball").
    Orders received without this vital information will be delayed, or may have to be returned or discarded.

    Mail your order with payment to us at:

    Action Pinball & Amusement, LLC
    2350 E Arbor Lane # 761
    Holladay, Utah 84117

    Please see the Payment Methods section below for more details.

  • - In-Person Pick Up:
    We no longer offer "will call" or in-person pickup of parts orders from our shop.

    This is mainly due to our increasingly-busy schedule of game service and repair calls that we do each day for our local customers. We are typically out-and-about most of our work day fixing pinball machines for our local customers so have very little "in-shop" time during our busy work day.

    We recommend placing your order online and we can ship out to you same-day in most cases. Our shipping/handling costs are very reasonable- to ship an order usually costs much less than what you would pay for gas and time if you were to drive to our shop to pick up in person.

    International Orders (Outside U.S.):
    We ship parts & supplies orders to most countries outside the U.S.

    Before Placing Your International Order: We recommend e-mailing us with your order (list of part numbers, and quantities), and your shipping address, so we can verify that the parts and quantities you need are in stock, and give you a total cost with shipping. If some parts are not in stock, additional costs will apply to send a second (backordered) shipment. E-mailing us with your order can help avoid problems like this.

    International Shipping Costs: Shipping costs to countries outside the U.S. vary depending on the country, and size/weight of your order. If you need a shipping quote before you place your order, just e-mail us with a list of items you want to order, quantities, and your shipping address.

    When you place your order online, international shipping costs are estimated and shown when you checkout and finalize your order. You can cancel or change your order if necessary. Extra shipping costs- in addition to estimated costs- are sometimes required to ship outside the U.S., due to exact weight and size of your shipment. If your order requires additional cost to ship to you outside the U.S., we will contact you by e-mail within 1 business day after your order is placed, to let you know what the additional charges will be. So please check your e-mail after placing your order to avoid any shipping delays.

    Customs Taxes / Tariffs / Fees on Imported Goods: Items being shipped outside the U.S. may be subject to import taxes, tariffs, and fees, when they enter your country as imported goods. We do not charge for or collect these fees- these fees are collected by your government, customs service, or postal service, when the package is delivered to you, and are based on the U.S. dollar amount of the merchandise you have purchased. Some countries do not charge any fees. Others may charge up to 100% of the value of the goods. Contact your local Post Office or Customs Service for more details.

    Only goods (merchandise) are taxable as imported items. (Items like labor, shipping/handling charges, and deposit charges are not taxable.)

    We are required by U.S. Federal Law to truthfully state the value of the merchandise being shipped on the customs form placed on the outside of the package. We will not misrepresent or fraudulently state an incorrect amount on the customs form or mark purchased merchandise as a "gift"- please do not ask us to violate the law. We have no control over what your government may charge to import goods from the U.S. into your country, nor can we answer questions about such fees. If you have questions or concerns about import taxes, fees, and tariffs, please contact your local post office or customs service.

    Please do not order from us if you are unwilling to pay additional shipping costs and import taxes, fees, and/or tariffs on your order shipped outside the U.S.

    Shipping Schedule:
    Most orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. If you are in a rush for your order (needed right away or via overnight shipping), please contact us before or right after placing your order to make other arrangements.

    If you have any questions or any specific needs for your order, just drop us a line by e-mail.

    Shipping Times:
    Within the U.S.: Most domestic orders shipped within the U.S. take an average of 3-6 business days to arrive, depending on destination. Some may take more time, some may take less, depending on destination and shipment method.

    Outside the U.S.: Most international shipments take an average of 2-3 weeks to arrive, depending on destination. Some may take more time, some many take less, depending on destination and shipment method. Some shipments are occasionally delayed in Customs for random inspection which can delay delivery (this is rare). We have seen some shipments take as much as 9-10 weeks to arrive when delayed in Customs.

    Weather conditions can also affect delivery time, especially in winter months. Please allow sufficient time for your shipment to arrive before contacting us regarding any possible shipping problems.

    Shipping Charges:
    Limited Time Offer: $6.99 One Rate Shipping on domestic U.S. parts orders!

    $6.99 One Rate U.S. Shipping

    Details: This offer is valid for a limited time, and applies only to parts/supplies orders being shipped within the U.S. only. This offer does not apply to international orders being shipped outside the U.S. Regular international rates apply to any shipments going outside the U.S.

    Shipments are sent by the method of our choice- we primarily use US Postal Service for most shipments- First-Class Mail, Medial Mail, and Priority Mail methods.

    Additional shipping costs will apply if shipping methods other than the above are requested (such as overnight, Express Mail, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

    E-mail us if you have any questions or need a quote on shipping.

    Shipping and handling costs are calculated when you check out and provide your shipping address information.

    Heavy/oversize orders and some international shipments may require additional charges to ship, based on the exact weight, size, and destination of the shipment. We will contact you as soon as possible after your order is placed, if additional costs are required to ship.

    Minimum Shipping/Handling Charge:
    We have a minimum shipping/handling charge that applies to any order, regardless of cost, number of items, size, weight, or shipping method used. Whether you're ordering a tiny 19¢ part, or $50+ worth of parts, the minimum shipping/handling charge still applies. We can often ship several items for the minimum shipping/handling charge, so if you are just ordering one small part or item, you might consider getting a few extra spare parts or supplies to make shipping & handling costs more worthwhile on your order. See our Game Parts & Supplies page for listings of thousands of common and frequently-needed pinball parts and supplies that we stock.
    • Domestic (U.S.) Shipments: $7.99 US minimum. $6.99 One Rate - Limited Time Offer
    • International (non-U.S.) Shipments: Varies by Country- charges start at $23.95 US.
    All shipments we send out include tracking services (mandatory on all orders we ship). See Shipping Methods below for more details.

    "Why is there a minimum charge for shipping/handling?"
    On processing most small or single-item orders, any profit on the sale of the parts is usually swallowed up by the cost of labor, time, and materials that it takes to package, process, and ship the order (envelopes, boxes, labels, equipment, man-hours, etc.) This means that we often make no profit on processing and shipping small orders- all of the profit that might be made is swallowed up in the cost of the labor and time it takes our employees to put the order together, package it, and ship it.

    To overcome this problem and still be able to continue to sell and ship small / single-item orders to our customers, we have had to invoke a minimum charge for shipping/handling. Unlike some other dealers, we do not require a minimum parts order amount prior to shipping/handling charges (some other online dealers require a $25 or $30 minimum parts order). But we do have a minimum charge for shipping and handling.

    Shipment Insurance:
    Shipment insurance is available optionally, at additional cost. See the Shipment Insurance section below for more details. We are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of shipments if not insured for shipping.

    Rush/Expedited/Overnight Orders:
    If you need your order to be shipped and arrive quickly (expedited shipment, guaranteed delivery date, etc.) please contact us as soon as your order has been placed. For additional charges, we can ship orders by expedited methods such as USPS Express Mail, Global Express Mail, or Global Express Guaranteed, which are the fastest methods, and some of which offer a guarantee on service and delivery date. See Shipping Methods below for more information.

    Shipping Methods:

    We primarily ship parts and supplies worldwide through the US Postal Service. Several methods of shipping are available through US Postal Service depending on your type of order and where you are located.

    All shipments we send out include shipment tracking. We will e-mail you with shipping/tracking info as soon as your order goes out.

    Expedited shipments (rush orders) are available. We typically use USPS Express Mail, which is overnight to most urban areas, or 2-day service to outlying areas, and delivery times are guaranteed with Express Mail. Contact us if you wish to have your order sent by Express Mail, and we can provide more info on shipping and additional costs for this expedited service. You should also contact your local post office too, first, to find out if you are in an overnight, or 2-day service area (not all areas in the U.S. are serviced "overnight" by USPS Express Mail). If you are in a 2-day service area, it may be more economical to have your shipment sent by standard mail, as costs for Express Mail are considerably higher.

    Please note that our cut-off time for Express Mail orders is 2:30PM Mountain Time. Orders and shipping costs must be paid and received in full before this time so that there is still sufficient time to process, pack, label, and send the shipment to the post office before the cut-off time. If payment is received after, or too close to, the cut-off time, your order will not go out until the next day, so will take an additional day to get to you.

    Other Shipping Methods:
    Other shipping methods (such as Federal Express, UPS, Airborne Express, RPS, DHL, and similar others) may be optionally available. Please note that we charge an additional service fee of $20 to ship via these methods (on top of actual shipping costs). We do not normally ship by these methods, so must charge this extra fee to cover our extra time and expense for paperwork, special packaging, and for travelling to/from these locations to drop items off or to arrange for pick-up by their agents. If you have an account with one of these shippers and wish to use it or have them pick up at our shop, the extra handling fee will still apply to cover specific paperwork, labelling, and packaging of the order for shipping by one of these alternate methods. Please
    e-mail us for more info if you require one of these methods of shipping.

    In-Person Pickup at our Shop:
    We no longer offer "will call" or in-person pickup of parts orders from our shop.

    This is mainly due to our increasingly-busy schedule of game service and repair calls that we do each day for our local customers. We are typically out-and-about most of our work day fixing pinball machines for our local customers so have very little "in-shop" time during our busy work day.

    We recommend placing your order online and we can ship out to you same-day in most cases. Our shipping/handling costs are very reasonable- to ship an order usually costs much less than what you would pay for gas and time if you were to drive to our shop to pick up in person.
    Shipment Tracking:
    All shipments we send out include tracking services, worldwide. We will not ship any order without tracking. Tracking allows your order to be located while it is en route, and confirms delivery to your address.

    We will e-mail you with shipping and tracking info when your package ships out so you can track the shipment while in transit, and confirm delivery date and time. Shipments can be tracked by entering the tracking number on the
    USPS web site.

    For all shipments with tracking: Please note that on rare occasions, a shipment may not be scanned by the post office when it goes into their system, and tracking information may not show up in their system until the package is actually delivered. If you run into this problem, please allow for ample time for your shipment to arrive before contacting us about a possible shipping problem. If the post office contact us about a problem or return your package for any reason, we will contact you, but be aware that after we have turned your shipment over to the post office, it is out of our hands until it is delivered or returned to us for any reason. So please be patient and allow for ample time for delivery on your order.

    Whether your shipment includes tracking or does not, we are not responsible for any loss, damage, or delays during transit. Shipments are entirely out of our hands after being turned over to the post office for delivery. See Shipment Insurance below for more information.

    Shipment Insurance:

    Shipment insurance is available, optionally, on all domestic orders shipping within the U.S., and on some shipments going outside the U.S.

    If you would like insurance added to your order, please contact us before placing your order, or as soon as possible after placing your order, and we will notify you of the availability and costs for shipment insurance. Our current online ordering system does not allow for insurance to be selected/purchased as part of the online "shopping cart" or checkout system, so insurance has to be paid as a separate payment after placing your order.

    If you would like insurance added to your order, just drop us a quick
    e-mail after placing your order and we will e-mail you an invoice for the additional cost of insurance for the dollar amount of your order, or can charge directly to your credit/debit card or PayPal account as well.

    Please note that some credit cards will automatically cover your purchase if lost, damaged, stolen, etc., so you may want to check with your credit card company before ordering to find out if your purchase will already be insured.

    The purpose of insurance is to cover the cost of replacing item(s) in your order should they become lost or damaged while in the mail (please read below for important information on determining value and making an insurance claim).

    An additional charge will apply for insurance coverage, and must be requested at time of ordering. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or mis-delivered shipments if they are not insured, nor if insurance is not requested at time of ordering.

    International Shipments: Insurance claims on international shipments can be very time consuming (several weeks or months to resolve) and very difficult, if not impossible, to resolve with international shippers. We are not repsonsible for any delays and will not replace any items unless a claim is resolved and paid.

    All Shipments: We are not responsible for any claims or value of goods that a shipper may not pay. In many cases, the shipper themselves will determine the value of goods in your shipment, and this may or may not equal what you paid for the goods. In a case where the shipper will not pay the full value of items in your claim, we will not be responsible for covery any loss or costs that will not be covered by the shipper.

    OTHER INSURANCE NOTES: (for all shipments)
    PLEASE NOTE that:
    1. Insurance does not cover shipping/handling costs on your order. Insurance covers only the cost of the items in your order. Shipping/handling charges are non-refundable.
    2. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to items shipped, if not insured for shipping.
    3. We are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to items after they have been delivered (see "Delivery Confirmation" under "Domestic (U.S.) Orders" above).
    4. We are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to items, if delivery confirmation cannot be obtained (if shipment does not have tracking or delivery confirmation, etc.)
    5. We are not responsible for any claim that the shipper will not pay, or that the shipper will only pay in part. Determination of the value of items shipped is usually entirely up to the shipper, so if you have something insured and need to make a claim, you may not get what the item is worth. It's entirely up to the shipper, and we have no control over it, and cannot be responsible for such problems.
    6. Insured shipments require a signature in person, when the shipment arrives at your location. Your signature indicates the acceptance of the shipment. Any claim of loss or damage after the shipment has been signed for will not be honored by the shipper, so be sure to check your shipment before signing that form.
    7. We are not responsible if customer is not home or present to sign for and receive an insured shipment when it is delivered.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

    Payment Methods:
    The following information in this section applies to the sale of parts, supplies, accessories, and services. For payment information on
    pinball machines, video games and other similar gameroom items, please see our Game Payment Methods page.

    For payment for parts, supplies, accessories, and service/repair, we can accept cash (in person), major credit & debit cards, bank transfers, and online payments through

    We can accept checks and money orders as pre-payments for goods, however these forms of payment must clear the bank before any goods can leave our shop. This process typically takes about 10 business days. We will only accept checks and money orders in U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. banks. A $25 fee will be charged for any returned (bounced) checks or money orders, and any delinquent, uncollected payments/charges left outstanding will be turned over to collections after 30 days.

    We do not accept any payment methods other than the above.

    Returns & Exchanges:

    NOTE: Call or
    e-mail us first if you have an item to return for refund or exchange.

    Returns must be authorized before being sent back to us, and not all items are returnable (see below). "Returns" are considered to be any item returned for refund, exchange, or credit.

    RMA number must accompany any returned item(s). If your return is authorized, we will give you an RMA number to include with your item(s) being returned. Items returned without an RMA number may not be accepted at all, or a higher restocking fee may apply.
    • Returnable Items: Some items we sell are returnable. Most are not, including: games (pinball, video, etc.), any electrical parts/components, special-order items, paperwork items (manuals, schematics, score cards, etc), any used parts, and any parts sold as-is.
    • Limited to 15 Days: Refunds or exchanges on returnable items are limited to 15 days from date of purchase. No returns or exchanges will be honored after 15 days. Please check your order as soon as you receive it to be sure everything is correct and to your satisfaction, and contact us immediately if there are any problems or questions. Requests for refunds of items after 15 days from purchase will not be honored.
    • Return Shipping Cost: Customer is responsible for any costs associated with packaging and returning any authorized returned items.
    • Refused Returns: If your item was returned and refused (returned without being authorized (no RMA number), or returned after 15 days of purchase), it may be refused. If you wish to have the item shipped back to you, additional shipping/handling costs may apply to re-ship the item back to you a second time.
    • Restocking Fee: All returned items are subject to a 10% to 50% restocking fee, depending on the item, which is deducted from any refund issued.
    • Refund of Shipping/Handling Costs: Shipping/handling costs are not refundable, and will not be refunded.
    • Refund Payment Method: Any payments refunded will be refunded by the original method in which they were received. That is, if you originally made payment by credit card, a refund will be made back to your credit card, etc. No exceptions.
    • Condition of Returned Items: Authorized items returned for exchange must be in same condition as when they were originally shipped to you. Returned items must also be re-stockable and re-sellable to another customer. Any items that do not meet these requirements or that are used, worn, show signs of visible use or handing, or that were damaged after being received, cannot be accepted for exchange or refund.
    • Returned/Refused/Undeliverable Shipments: We are not responsible for any shipments returned to us by shipper for any reason. Such shipments will need to be re-shipped to you, if you so desire, and an additional charge for re-shipment will apply. Any shipments that are returned to us and not re-shipped due to refusal or due to our not being able to contact you, will be issued a refund for purchase price, less restocking charge, and less any shipping/handling costs (shipping/handling costs are not refundable).


    • Warranted Items: Items that may be covered under a warranty are returnable after 15 days and/or until the end of the warranty period (whichever is greater), only if defective or faulty. Terms vary depending on item and item warranty - contact us if you have any questions about warranty on any particular item.

    • ROM Chips and USB Keys Purchased on our Exchange Program: (See our ROM Chips page for full details.)

    Contact us if you have any questions.

    Contact Information:
    Business hours, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address.
    • Phone Number:

      (801) 272-0221

      Before calling, be sure to see our frequently asked questions section below.

      If you are unable to get through to us by phone, leave us a voice message, and we will return your call if we can help you. Or consider sending us an e-mail message instead. (E-mail is our preferred method of communication.)

    • E-Mail Address:

      E-mail is our preferred method of communication. We can typically give you a quicker, better researched, and more detailed reply to your question by e-mail. We respond to most e-mail messages same-day or within 1 business day, unless we're closed for a holiday or vacation.

    • Mailing Address:

      NOTICE: DO NOT SEND UPS SHIPMENTS TO THIS ADDRESSS!!! We've had a variety of ongoing problems with our local UPS service for 2-3 years now and chances are they will not deliver the shipment, or will want more money to re-attempt delivery, to change the delivery address, or return the shipment to you.

      >>> USE U.S. MAIL OR FEDEX!!! <<<

      Action Pinball
      2350 E Arbor Lane # 761
      Holladay, UT 84117

      Please note that this is a mailing address only, and is used for correspondence and parts order shipping/receiving. We currently do not have a public storefront for walk-in customers, as we are mainly an internet-only supplier, and local on-site service/repair provider.

      If you are a local customer and need to see us in person for game repair or parts help, please contact us by phone or e-mail (above) for more info.

    • Frequently Asked Questions by Phone:

      We get a lot of phone calls with "frequently asked" questions that we may or may not be able to help with. We have listed most of these below, in order to save you a phone call, and to save us both some time. If you have a question not answered below, feel free to contact us- our phone number is listed above.

      Topic: Info:
      Game Repair/Technical Help
      by Phone or E-mail:
      We can provide help with your game by phone or e-mail only if you bought your game directly from our shop. If you did not buy your game directly from our shop, we cannot help you with technical questions by phone or e-mail.

      If you have a question about parts you need for your game, we can help. Please e-mail us. E-mail is our preferred method of communication and will get you the quickest and best response.

      If you are in our local service area we may be able to make a service call appointment to service your game, or have you bring it in to our shop for repair. Call or e-mail us with your needs and we can give you a free estimate and more info. You can visit our Game Service & Repair page for more info as well.

      Additionally, you may find some do-it-yourself help via one of these online sources:

      - Our Technical Articles Page
      My parts order hasn't arrived yet: Be sure to check tracking via the tracking number for your order which was e-mailed to you when your order was shipped out.

      If you did not get an e-mail, check your e-mail 'spam' filter to see if our e-mails are not getting through to you (mistaken for 'spam'). Make sure your e-mail software is set up to receive e-mails from us ( Make sure the e-mail address that came through with your order is valid.

      If tracking does not give you sufficient information, please allow more time- shipments sometimes miss a scan point during transit and may not show up-to-date tracking info for several days at a time.

      Shipments going outside the U.S. may not show tracking info until after they have been processed through Customs in your country. In this case, the last tracking info you may see is when the shipment left the U.S. (from one of the east- or west-cost export points such as Los Angeles, New York, etc.) Additional tracking info may not show up for several days (or weeks) after the shipment leaves the U.S., depending on Customs in your country.

      See the Shipping Times section above for important information on estimated shipping times. Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive before contacting us.

      If your order is returned to us for any reason, or there is any other delivery problem, we will attempt to notify you via the e-mail and/or phone number included with your order.

      Game Restorations: The full restoration work we do on games we sell is limited to games in our own inventory, which we restore and sell through our shop and website.

      We do not do any full restoration work on any games outside of our own inventory, as we simply don't have the time and resources to do so.

      If you need service work on your game, we can help with most types of general repairs and service- contact us with your needs and we can provide more info.
      "How much is this game worth?" For questions regarding game values, pricing, and general "how much is it worth" questions, please see our page on Selling Your Own Game which gives information on determining game values, prices, and provides helpful info on selling or buying a game.
      Phone Messages and
      Returned Phone Calls:
      We do not return international phone calls outside the U.S. and Canada due to cost and inconvenient time differences. Use e-mail.

      Leaving a Voice Message: If you call and leave us a message, please state your name and let us know exactly what it is you are looking for. Please leave your telephone number TWO TIMES (US or Canada only) so we can be sure we have it correct. Please speak slowly and clearly so that we can understand what you are saying. We get a lot of phone calls where we cannot make out phone numbers, or cell phone calls that can't be understood, so please speak clearly, or e-mail us for best communication.

      Parts Inquiries: If you have a question about a part listed on our website, or are looking for something that you can't find on our website, please consider using e-mail for best communication. Due to our busy shop workload and large volume of calls, we often cannot return phone calls on small parts inquiries, or items that we simply cannot help you with. So if you need to call on something like this, please continue to do so until you get through, or send us an e-mail message and we will quickly and gladly reply by e-mail.

      Be sure to search our Game Parts & Supplies page to see if we already have what you're looking for.
      Texting: No. Use e-mail or call.

      We do not accept any calls from incoming toll-free numbers, unlisted numbers, private numbers, blocked numbers, telemarketers & solicitors, charities and fund-raisers, or from any sources that do not list a phone number for caller ID. Due to the high number of unsolicited telephone calls that our shop receives each day, we have had to adapt our phone system to screen out any of the above types of callers as we simply don't have the time or resources to take these calls.

      If you are unable to reach us by phone, or get through to us due to busy call volume, feel free to leave us a voice mail message on our phone system, or drop us an e-mail for faster response.

      Thank you!

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