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ROM Chips For:

Terminator 2 (Profanity Version)

Available Versions:
Multiple versions of the same chip(s) may be listed below. Multiple versions are listed from descending order from newest to oldest available. Looking for a version not listed below? Just e-mail us.

NOTE: Some system requirements apply, and chips may not work in all T2 games. No guarantee on operation. Click here for more information. Regular and profanity versions of T2 use same U15 and U18 sound ROM versions.

ROM Revision Histories: Click Here

Chip:Revision: Price:Chip

Total:Add to Cart:
Game U6Prof$10.00$15.00$25.00
Sound U14Prof$10.00$15.00$25.00
Set (both chips)-$20.00$30.00$50

Chips above are listed in order of newest to oldest revisions, where available.
Looking for a revision not listed above? E-mail us.

Chips listed above are available for purchase outright, or through our Chip Exchange program.

Exchange is optional- you may keep, or return, your old chips.
Some types of chips may not be acceptable for exchange.

Click here for more details.

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